Langhorne Meadow

Very few passersby realize that there is a meadow in the center of the block surrounded by Watson, Pine, Bellevue, and Marshall. It came into the borough’s hands when officials saved the lovely Victorian house from demolition on the Attleboro property and had it moved a block south and to the west side of Pine Street where it stands today. While the Victorian home remained in private hands, the open space directly behind it was owned by Langhorne Borough for over a decade.

When Langhorne Borough decided to divest itself of the “Meadow”, Linda Manzo (the owner of the Victorian home) was interested in purchasing it. LOSI was asked to help determine how this might be accomplished while at the same time protecting the meadow permanently from development. Through negotiations with both the borough and Ms. Manzo, LOSI helped make the deal possible by purchasing an open space easement on the meadow at the same time the parcel was purchased by Ms. Manzo to be combined with her lot. Because of the conservation easement, the Meadow is safe from development — a serene backyard viewscape for all those who live on the four surrounding streets.