Revolutionary Soldiers' Burial Site

This parcel is located at the corner of Flowers and S. Bellevue Avenues. Once a burial ground for American soldiers who died from wounds sustained in the battle of Trenton, the history of this small plot of land had been lost over the generations. In 1989, spurred by a plan to construct a housing development over this historic burial ground, Langhorne Open Space joined Langhorne Planning Commission and several members of Borough Council to move into action. Together, they convinced the Borough to have an archeological dig completed at the site before approving any development plans.

In 1992, a noted archeologist was able to prove that the property had indeed been a burial site. During the winter of 1776, the remains of soldiers who died from battle injuries at a nearby building which served as a field hospital were taken to this site to be buried.

As part of an agreement with Langhorne Borough, the development deeded the burial site to the Borough in 1998. Today, the parcel is designated as a Pennsylvania Historical Site by the PA Historical and Museum Commission. The site was dedicated on November 11 (Veterans Day), 1999